Admission to course B1 requires a solid grasp of the basics of levels A1 and A2. For those whose English is rusty from lack of use or still contains weak areas, there is still consolation! Ours courses involve constant revision as, in the early stages of learning a language, this is the surest method of fixing knowledge permanently in our mind. Information learned before is not completely lost; it is just hiding!

At this stage, we also apply the building of word banks (which can be added to and graded according to level) to our studies. This will give students quick access to a wide and varied choice of vocabulary in order to create their own original writing. Grammar is now deepened; sentences and structures are more complex; reading and writing improves accordingly and speaking is boosted by both useful practice exercises and the option of regular presential classes.

The units include constant spelling and difficult vocabulary revision plus practice in the technique of word transformation (building nouns, adjectives and adverbs from verbs and vice versa etc.) to increase the student´s confidence.

The aim is to enjoy and understand as one progresses and gains confidence.